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  • Dr. Oswick has brought smiles to thousands of Bainbridge & Chagrin Falls residents and has over 30 years experience. 


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Dr. Lawrence Oswick, MAGD

Dr. Oswick is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. Achieving mastership (MAGD) is a professional designation within the AGD that reflects a general dentist's commitment to provide quality care through continuing education. Mastership entails a rigorous exam process plus over 1,000 hours of continued education in 16 disciplines of Dentistry. Less than 2000 of all Dentists have achieved the MAGD designation. Source -

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Following the steps to maintaining good oral hygiene can be simple and easy. You will know you have reached good oral hygiene when your teeth are clean and free of debris, you have healthy pink gums that don’t bleed, and you do not have problems with bad breath. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you need to seek attention from your dentist immediately. 
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